Golf Rules & Regulations 2022


Dress Code

  • Traditional golf attire must be worn at all times on the course and around all practice areas.
  • Denim/Jeans, Sweats, Workout Apparel or Tee Shirts are not allowed.
  • Men:  Collared Shirts, tucked in, or styles worn on the PGA Tour only with dress shorts or pants.
  • Ladies:  No Bare Midriff or backless tops allowed
  • Headwear – All hats must be worn forward facing at all times.
  • Soft Spikes Only – Metal spikes are not allowed – Soft sole golf shoes or athletic shoes are acceptable.

Golf Carts

  • Only CCC owned golf carts are allowed for use on the course.
  • You must possess a valid Driver’s License to operate a golf cart.
  • The renter/user of a Golf Cart is liable for all damages other than normal wear and tear.
  • Our golf carts are designed for two riders and two bags only. A third rider or bag is not allowed.
  • Carts on Paths – We may require carts to remain on the cart paths during the wet winter season or at other times in order to avoid or avoid damaging turf areas.
  • All Par 3’s at The Carolina Country Club are Cart Path Only at ALL TIMES!
  • When off the paths, we ask that you to remain in the fairway grass and only cross the rough when entering or exiting to the cart path.
  • Carts must stay 30 yards away from all Tees, Greens, Bunkers and Hazards at all times.
  • Please avoid driving carts into wooded areas or in native grasses for any reason.


  • Members may bring up to (3) three guests to play with them at any time.
  • Any Unaccompanied Guests must be sponsored by a Carolina Country Club member or a PGA Professional (for play during off peak hours only) unless special arrangements have been made via the CCC Head Golf Professional or General Manager.
  • All Guests must register with the Golf Shop and pay the appropriate fees prior to play.

Junior Golfers under age 18 – We have rules for Junior Golfers that we are required to enforce.

  • Children age 6-12 are allowed to play or practice, but must be accompanied by their parents, during off peak hours.
  • Juniors age 13 and over may play and practice when accompanied by parents.
  • Juniors age 13 & up may play without parents after 2:00 PM or with the permission of the Golf Shop as long as they possess the skills to pass our Junior Certification.
  • Juniors must possess a valid Driver’s License (not a temporary permit) to operate a club owned golf cart.

Checking in with the Golf Shop

  • All Members must register themselves and their Guests in the Golf Shop prior to the start of play.
  • The sponsoring Member is responsible for educating his/her Guests as to the Club’s Rules and Regulations.  The sponsoring Member is also responsible for any unpaid charges or damages incurred by his/her Guests at the Club.

Starting Times

  • Calling (864-573-7540) in advance for a starting time is always suggested.
  • Members may call up to two weeks in advance to make a starting time.
  • Players arriving without a starting time may have to wait until space is available to begin play.
  • The Golf Shop Staff may fill foursomes when a group of three or less is available.
  • Failure to cancel a starting time within 24 hours may result in a charge to your member account and/or restricted privileges in scheduling future starting times.
  • All players must start from Hole #1 unless otherwise authorized by the Golf Shop. Golf holes should be played in proper order. Please avoid skipping around or cutting in front of other groups.
  • Fivesomes are discouraged but only allowed with approval of the Golf Shop and during slower play times. Fivesomes are subject to the same pace of play guidelines as other groups of four and should always allow faster groups to play through.

Golf Course Rules

  • Please follow posted Cart Path Rules at all times.
  • Please repair your ball marks, and others, should time permit.
  • Please walk carefully on the greens and avoid scuffing or scraping.
  • Fill and “kick in” all divots in the fairway or rough with the sand provided in bottles on the carts.
  • Practicing with several balls from the same area should be avoided as this produces excessive wear and tear to the turf.

Practice Facilities

  • Range Balls will be available on the Practice Range during specified hours, approximately 30 minutes before the first starting time of the day and until 30 minutes before dark, except for “clean pick” evenings. On “Clean Pick” evenings, the range will close roughly 2 hours before dark.
  • We ask that golfers play only from within the defined hitting area to maintain quality turf more regularly.
  • Play practice shots towards the targets located on the floor of the range – please avoid playing shots in the direction of Hole #4.
  • Short Range Practice Greens – a limited supply of balls will be available – please use shag bags to retrieve balls from the greens where necessary.
  • Range balls are not for regular play on the course and must remain on all practice facilities.


  • Be considerate of your fellow golfers by properly raking bunkers after playing from them.
  • Please leave rakes INSIDE the bunker.

Ropes & Signs

  • Observe all cart path rules, signs and roped off areas.

Pace of Play

  • Pace of play is expected to be 4:20 for 18-Holes or 2:05 for 9-Holes.
  • Please keep up with the group in front of you and ahead of the group behind you.
  • Allow faster groups to play through and then maintain pace behind those groups.
  • We reserve the right to move your group ahead if the groups pace of play is adversely affecting groups behind you.
  • Ready Golf and Continuous Putting are always encouraged.
  • Pace of Play issues will be handled by the Golf Shop Staff in the following manner;
    • A verbal warning will be given to maintain position with the group ahead.
    • Group may be asked to pick up and move to the next hole to get ahead.
  • Golfers should not stop at the turn for more than 5-10 minutes or they risk losing their position on #10 Tee.


  • Water coolers are stationed on the course at the following tees; #4, #6, #12 & #15.
  • Each golf cart is equipped with a cooler.
  • You may purchase beverage items in CCC Grille, the Golf Shop or from the beverage cart. Beverage Cart service will be available on Friday’s, Saturday’s, and Sunday’s during the months of April – October.

Personal Coolers



  • By Spartanburg County Ordinance and subject to fines, smoking is not permitted inside any building at CCC.  Smokers must dispose of cigarettes and cigars in proper containers and not on Club grounds.

Severe Weather

  • We do not have a siren or warning system to alert players of severe weather in the areas, therefore golfers must remain aware and are responsible for their own safety.

Cell Phones

  • Cell Phones are allowed for use at CCC, however out of consideration for other golfers and to maintain appropriate pace of play, we ask players to refrain from excessive cell phone use except in the case of emergency.
  • Cell phones should be set to ‘vibrate’ to avoid disturbing members and guests in the clubhouse or on the golf course.

Mobile Music

  • Personal music devices are allowed to be used on the course, however all players are asked to keep the sound level low on such devices to avoid disturbing other groups on the course.

Damage or Injury

  • Any damage or injury caused by a golfer is the sole responsibility of that golfer.  This includes damage or injury on/to adjacent homes or property.