Member Referral Program

In the Club business the members are the best salespeople to drive membership based upon their satisfaction with the services and product that is delivered.  We are at an exciting point and would like to encourage the membership to invite your friends and family to be a part of the club and incentivize everyone to be part of the program.  The other critical component is building a Club with people that have a strong sense of community and shared values.  With this in mind we are starting a member referral program for the next thirty days that rewards the members and new members for joining the club.  Our goal would be to increase our membership by 25-40 members during this thirty day window.  After this membership referral drive we will be raising the initiation fee to $4k for Golf, $2k for Athletic, and $800 for Social.  Please see the program below for the details and special offer.

Limited time offer

30% off the initiation fees for the new member

Full Privilege Membership $3,000 –>$2,100
Athletic Membership $1,500 –> $1,050
Social Membership $500 –> $350

What the referring member receives:

  • A Visa Gift Card in the amount of the first month dues for the new member
  • Example: Full Family Member dues $600 per month, Referring member receives a $600 Visa gift card

Please contact Georgia with your member referral or questions: 864-699-5820

Email Georgia